Thursday, January 19, 2017

January 19

It’s time for the Pennies for Patients update. 
As a school, we’ve donated over $1500 !  That’s not too shabby, but not close to our $10,000 goal!  If 7th and 8th grade would participate, this would be easy!…….Mrs. Timmins, what happened to your winning streak? 

Here’s the lowdown by grade:
In 5th grade, Mrs. Smiths homeroom is in 1st place and Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Sal-a-day are right behind!

6th grade is being crushed by Mrs. Peffle’s online donations.  The Builder’s club LOVES those.  There’s no loose change to count. Mrs. Hill’s class is in 2nd place.

7th grade?  Mr. Ruggeri is in first place and Mrs. Pettia is in 2nd place.  These are pretty easy donation amounts to beat, people. 

8th grade?  One Twenty dollar donation would take the lead.  That’s kind of sad.  Mrs. Axtmayer’s class leads the way with $17.31

Donations can be made by check, paid to LLS or an online donation.  Just because it’s called Pennies for Patients doesn’t mean you donate just pennies. Can everyone bring a dollar?  That would be a nice 8th grade goal!

The Builder’s club is meeting today after school today.  Please send all boxes to Mrs. Hill in room 811 to get counted!

Get your money counted… never know what tomorrow’s morning announcement will say about you!

in wrestling action yesterday, Valley Forge beat ET Richardson 48-37.

Winning by pin were:
Liam Wa
Walker B
Hayden K
And Justin K

Winning by decisions were:
Freddie M and Grant B

Winning by forfeit were:
Alex H
Tommy Hayes
And Derek S

In exhibition matches, Matthew I, Wylder A, and Dylan W were all victorious.

January 18

 The 8th grade girls basketball team fell to Bala Cynwyd yesterday by a final score of 40-19. Offensive leaders were Hannah O with 8 points, Meghan M with 6, and Sophie F with 5. Sophie F and Sammy P led the team in rebounds. Good defensive efforts were turned in by Megan M and Annabel S. Reminder that there will be no practice today after school. Instead you are encouraged to attend the pink out game at Conestoga as the top ranked girls basketball team takes on Garnet Valley High School. All students are welcome to attend.

What do Mr. DiMarino, Mrs. Peffle, and MRs. Hill have in common?  They are the only homerooms that had online donations!
C’mon Valley Forge …….Donate!

"Chorus Sectionals Today are:

7th/8th Grade Sopranos and Altos
6th Grade Treble I
5th Grade Treble I"

The 8th grade boys basketball played a great game yesterday, but came up a little short as they lost to Bala Cynwyd Middle School by a score of 39 to 35.  The game was close throughout.  The boys played great defense and did a fantastic job of breaking the Bala press the entire game.  The boys will look to get their next win as they travel to TE on Thursday

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January 17

Chess club starts next Monday.  If you are interested, please stop by Mr. Prothero’s room for a permission slip.

There is NO 6th grade chorus today 

It’s time for the pennies for patients update:  Last week Valley Forge donated a little over $1000!  Well done Valley Forge, but we still have a ways to go!  How about a few homeroom shout-outs!

Mrs Buoso’s homeroom!!  Are you out there?  We don’t have any donations from you guys.  Remember that $25 will get you a free Sixers ticket. 

Congratulations 6th grade!  EVERY class has donated something!! You are the only grade that has 100% homeroom participation.   Mrs. Hill’s homeroom is in the lead, but Mrs. Peffle is right behind!!

7th grade.  Tsk. Tsk.  Word is out that some of you haven’t even put the donation box together.  Do we need to mention names? 

In the 8th Grade, Mrs. Cosgrove’s class has pulled ahead with $14!  Aren’t you the Eagle Ambassadors?  You should crush this!!

Let’s do this Valley Forge!
Mrs. Sallade said she’d wear her fanciest clothes to school for a week if the class raises $730!
Mrs. Scully said she’d multi-color her hair if she had 100% participation

What’s YOUR homeroom teacher willing to do?