Friday, February 17, 2017

February 17

6th grade CPS Water seminar will meet in Mr. Eickhoff’s room during 2nd period.

Check in with your 2nd period teacher.  Bring your water samples, folder,  and a pen or pencil.

The following characters in the Wednesday Cast of the 5/6 Play must report to Ms. Sallade’s room today during Lunch and Activity. The characters are: Wordy, Nerdy, Rowdy, Weepy, Bob, and the Prince. From the Tuesday Cast, Rowdy, Howdy, and the Evil Queen must attend as well.

Do you like dogs and cats? Are you ready for Spring Cleaning?  The builders club is helping out the SPCA! You can help by donating CLEAN toys, blankets, and towels. Collection boxes will be at The Front Lobby! All the animals will appreciate your donations!  We will be collecting all next week!
Bring in those old, clean towels and blankets.  What a great way to clean out your closets!

As you know, the highly anticipated student versus faculty game is next Thursday.  You can get your $5 ticket to the game, and $1 raffle tickets all next week.  Students can buy tickets before school in the lobby or during lunch in the cafeteria. Also, the following teachers will have some tickets in their classroom for purchase:

5th grade – Mr. Thompson 
6th grade – Mr. DiMarino 
7th grade – Mr. Hampton and Mrs. Pettia 

8th grade – Mrs. Timmins

February 16

7th and 8th grade boys basketball players.  The end of season pizza party will be on Tuesday after school in the cafeteria.  The party will go until 3:15.  Please bring in $5.00, in an envelope with your name on it.  Give the envelope to Coach Viviani, or put it in his mailbox in the main office.  Please bring your money in as soon as possible, so the coaches can get a count on who will be there.  On Tuesday, at the party, coaches will also be collecting uniforms.  Please bring your uniform to the party after school.(read again tomorrow)

Games club is cancelled on Thursday, February 16.  Repeat: games club is cancelled on Thursday, February 16.

The following characters in the Wednesday cast of the 5/6 play must report to Ms. Sallade’s room with their scripts today during lunch and activity. The characters are: Wordy, Nerdy, Rowdy, Howdy, Weepy, Creepy, Bob, Snow White, Evil Queen, the huntsman, and the prince.

Today’s chorus sectionals are…
7/8 Chorus Tenor and Baritones

Todays music sectionals are…
8:30 AM - 7/8 Trumpet
9:30 AM - 7/8 Low Brass
10:00 AM - 7/8 Sax
12:30 PM - 7/8 Flute\Clarinet\Oboe
1:30 PM - 7/8 Percussion

2:00 PM - 7/8 Jazz

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February 15

The wrestling room will be cleared out at the end of today, any wrestler wishing to avoid having their items placed in lost and found are to clear out their lockers today.

The following individuals still owe singlets and/or jackets to Mr. Ryan:

Derek S
Justin K
Michael C
Grant B
Mike B
Wylder A
Liam W
Dylan W
And Matt E

Attention all 5th & 6th Graders,
Did you know that Sports Club is being offered after school again?
Want to play some of your favorite games like: Soccer Pin Head, Dr. Dodge, Toilet Tag, Crossfire, Socketball, Pilgrims & Turkeys, and many more?  Well sign up forms are in room 118 as well as in the cafeteria.  If you have any questions see Mr. Ryan.

The VFMS Multicultural Club will have its second meeting today, from 2:40-3:30, in room 616 with Mr. Ruggeri.

Come join us to celebrate the wonderful diversity of our student body!
If you have a music rehearsal after school, you may attend the club after your music rehearsal. If you are in the 5/6 play, you can attend the club after the play performances are over.

You must have your own transportation home at 3:30.

If you have any questions, please see Mr. Ruggeri in room 616.

8th grade leadership seminar will meet during 4th period in room 615A.

5th grade leadership seminar will meet during 7th period in room 615A.

Be sure to check in with your teachers for missing work.  Bring your folder and a pen or pencil.

“Attention 8th graders: Are you thinking about taking an art course next year? Would you like to see what a ‘Stoga art portfolio looks like? Senior art students will be visiting during activity on FRIDAY to show you their work! Come to room 107 during activity to check them out.”

7/8 Chorus Altos
6th Grade Treble 1
5th Grade
Treble I

Wednesday 2/15/2017
8:00 AM - 6th Clarinet
8:30 AM - 6th Percussion
9:30 AM - 6th Flute
10:30 AM - 6th Low Brass and WW
11:00 AM - 6th Horn
1:00 PM - 6th Trumpet
1:30 PM - 6th Alto and Tenor Sax
2:00 PM - Band Fest

The following characters in the Tuesday cast of the 5/6 play must report to Ms. Sallade’s room with their scripts today during lunch and activity. The characters are: Wordy, Nerdy, Rowdy, Howdy, Weepy, Creepy, Bob, Snow White, Evil Queen, and the Huntsman

The Student-Faculty game had been moved to next Thursday February 23.  Be witness to the dynasty that is the VFMS faculty basketball team as they take on the challenge of playing the 8thgraders.  Tickets will be on sale this week before homebase in the student council corner. Tickets will be sold at lunch.  Tickets cost $5.00.  You can also purchase a raffle ticket for $1 for an opportunity to win one of the following prizes.  A signed Nelson Agholor  (Aga-lar) picture from the Philadelphia Eagles, a Panera certificate for bread for a year, 4 tickets to a Phillies game in April, gift cards to Saladworks and Mod Pizza and possibly more.  If you go to the game, you can also join in the halftime, half court shoot out.  $1.00 gets you one shot with a chance to win a gift card. Get your ticket soon, because they are limited, and may sell out.  All money raised will go to FLITE.  Good luck students, you are going to need it!